NASB Sales Mafia

The Sales Mafia group is an insurance brokerage with a culture and team ethic unmatched in the industry. With a system built by agents for agents and leadership that asks you to follow in their footsteps rather than go where they have never been themselves. The Sales Mafia’s edge isn’t who we are now, but collectively where we are going.

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"Insurance for Generations."

North American Senior Benefits (NASB) prides itself on valuing relationships while serving as knowledgeable, trusted advisers throughout our clients' lifetime. Headquartered just northeast of Atlanta, GA, NASB is a proud member of the Integrity Marketing family of brokerages.

Integrity Marketing Group is the largest life and health insurance brokerage in the country, distributing 1 out of every 3 Final Expense plans sold in America. Through their support, NASB and the Sales Mafia team are positioned to have an unprecedented season of growth in 2023.

While, as a whole, we offer a wide range of products and services in the financial market, NASB's focus is on providing senior-based insurance solutions. With an unmatched culture in this industry, NASB is dedicated to fostering valued relationships and providing superior sales expertise with integrity.


Meet The Leaders


Evan "The Model" Proach, NASB Partner

Evan Proach joined North American Senior Benefits in 2013, new to the insurance industry. Following the NASB model, Evan was awarded Agent of the Year in his first year and with his continued hard work and motivation, he reached partner level in 2017.

Evan graduated from Ohio University, where he studied business. Prior to selling insurance with NASB, Evan’s only job was working at his family’s landscaping business, which he attributes to learning the importance and value of consistent hard work. Evan enjoys the team culture we have here and the lifelong relationships that he continues to build. He attests his success in the industry to the ability to learn from our network of successful agents and following the NASB system.

Evan was born, raised and currently lives in Ohio. He loves sports, traveling, outdoor activities, spending time with family and his dogs.


Blair "Nature Boy" Ollendorf, NASB Partner

Blair Ollendorf kicked off his insurance career joining North American Senior Benefits in late 2013. After four years of consistent success as a personal producer, Blair decided to leverage his industry knowledge and began building one of the fastest growing teams within NASB. He reached partner level in June 2021.

Blair graduated from Drexel University in 2013, when not studying he developed his entrepreneurial skills self-releasing three albums and booking subsequent national tours. Beyond the invaluable experiences of performing and operating his music career, Blair considers himself a complete product of the NASB System. He attributes his success to the unmatched mentorship and culture NASB provides. What most excites Blair about his future with NASB is his ability to help others like him achieve a level of success they never envisioned before putting on the NASB jersey.

Blair currently resides in Spring Lake, NJ with his wife Kristie. When not working he enjoys surfing, golf, and writing music.


Nick "Golden Boy" Gojcaj, NASB Partner

Nicholas Gojcaj started with NASB in 2018 and quickly earned the nickname Golden Boy, as he was one of the youngest NASB Partners and quickest to get there.

With a firm foundation of being born and raised in Michigan, Nicholas is one of 5 children. He cites his upbringing as being a great influence on his success and an integral part of his motivation. From his early beginnings, Nicholas constantly strived for greatness and pushed himself to be an exemplary student athlete that could have even been called a Golden Child at that time. As he entered his professional career, he believed that hard work and consistency are fundamental traits that everyone should have if they want to soar to great heights and has demonstrated that as he was the recipient of the Horizon award in 2020 and the RVP of the year in 2021. Nicholas is enthusiastic and passionate about the direction of the company, as he puts his heart into his work with each client and values the bond he shares with his peers.

Nicholas loves spending time with his family, the competitive nature of sports, the freedom and discovery of travel and the peace and comfort of his home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.


Will "Gator" Kemp, NASB Partner

Will "Gator" started with NASB in 2019. With his strong work ethic and leadership, Will was the fastest to hit Junior Partner with NASB and was awarded RVP of the Year for 2023.

Craig "HarveyTime" Harvey, President NASB

Prior to forming NASB in 2011, Craig worked as an agent and trainer with another agency where he was awarded numerous accolades for his achievements. Under Craig’s direction, NASB’s sales force has become one of the fastest growing senior benefits agencies in the country. In developing a reputation as a catalyst for rapid success with his effective and innovative techniques, he has become a sought after advisor to carriers in the industry looking to increase sales in Final Expense.

Craig graduated from Middle Georgia College with a degree in Marketing and was a four year starter at quarterback on the school’s football team.

Craig enjoys golf, travel, cooking, grilling and spending time with his two children, Caden & Eden. 


What Our Agents Are Saying...


Joining NASB was the best decision I ever made. After years in corporate America always looking over my shoulder, I am now able to be my own boss in control of my future and my income. On top of that, it is a real family with support across the board. Six figure income in year one is real and I’ve had double digit growth each year since joining. Jan that, I am blessed to be able to help people every day and get paid well for doing so. Great leadership and a proven system that as long as you are coachable and are willing to learn, you are almost assured of success.

Doug H


Thanks to NASB, the “hands on” leadership, and the heartbeat of a company, that has truly grasped what real success is! And its to be able to plug just about anyone that is willing to work in an proven “assembly line” that has demonstrated over and over again that…. The American Dream is still available, well AND GROWING leaps and bounds.

Vivian G


Since joining NASB, I have learned so much, gained so much confidence & knowledge and my goals are higher than I used to ever imagine. This is a business where you have the perfect balance of having fantastic intentional mentorship, not a boss. The organization of how to master the business, and the blueprint for how to hit each promotion, all the way through becoming a partner of the company itself, is all laid out for you. This company has made the sky the limit for me & I am so thankful I found it!

Lauren C


Came from Car sales and doing Very well at it, making almost 100k a year. I was scared to leave my comfortable job. I can tell you that I made the right choice when I came here to NASB. It has not only given me a job that I deeply enjoy doing helping families but helping myself grow as a person and in business. I have found a home here and made new friends and some I can say family. If you are sick of that 9-5 job or sick of listening and making someone else money. I would highly recommend this job to anyone that is driven and wants to change their life for the better.

Connor E


Absolutely life changing! A rare company with a moral compass with top notch leadership, culture and support. I sleep well knowing I genuinely helped someone and make an amazing income doing it. It’s hard to find an opportunity that checks off all the boxes this company does.

Josiah M


The impact of a ride along is so special and rare. I was able to see first hand the difference NASB makes in the community and your pockets. Get in a local manager's car NOW!

Xavier C

Diego G 150x150

NASB has been the best opportunity for me in the insurance industry. The ability to own your book of business and be able to build is something that attracted me at a young age. One of the best parts is to be able to be connected to everyone in the company, it means so much to know that you are just a phone call away from being able to talk to someone who is a 6 figure earner and learn from them. The teaching , leadership and lead system is set up to make people succeed. I’m excited for the future of NASB.

Diego G


Incredible opportunity to help people, create wealth, and be a part of a top class organization that cares about what they do. LOVE the culture and leadership.

Tyker K


THIS IS A SALES JOB! I promise you won't find a better home than North American. NASB is the PERFECT place for those who believe in themselves. The management is fantastic and very supportive. You can make 100k+ in your first year just off of your own pen and nothing else. I am 23, fresh out of college, and I am on track to make 100k this year!….

Joe B

CamW 150x150

NASB has been one of the best decisions of my Life! They truly put you in the driver seat of your own successful with nothing but support all the way though.

Cam W


NASB is a once in a lifetime opportunity that has brought many types of wealth into my life. Personal and financial wealth and showed me what a dream job is really like. Good culture, good leadership, great life.

Gavin M

JohnM 150x150

After nearly 2 years with NASB, I have no regrets and lots of gratitude. I was well-trained, am always supported, and am well-compensated. If you love helping people, and want flexibility and good compensation, this is worth a serious look! I came from a successful career, looking to make a change. This was a great change for me! Take a chance and give it a shot.

John M


Think you would be a great fit for Sales Mafia?

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